Dieting and Nutrition Principles

Diet Nutrition PriciplesIf you want to lose weight it is best to investigate the Dieting and Nutrition Principles. To help you get there we have cherry picked the principles and provided a brief description of each. Now, go buy your Herbalife Meal Replacement Shakes as your supplements and drink while you read.

Calorie Balance

How much you eat is your Calorie Balance. Kept simple, you can have a negative calorie balance to lose weight, a neutral calorie balance to maintain weight and a positive calorie balance to gain weight. Some refer to this a calorie deficit or surplus, but focus on your calories to successfully lose weight and gain muscle.

Macronutrient Amounts

The amount of Protein, Carbhydrates and Fat you need will depend on your overall goals and your goal for the day. If you plan to get a heavy workout in, it’s strongly recommended to eat heavy on the proteins and carbohydrates, while keeping fat intake to a minimum. If you have an off day, you consume all 3 will not guilt, just don’t over do it.Healty Fats

Food Composition

The quality of your Proteins, Carbs and Fats should be related to the source and density to calorie. The source should come from whole food sources with a high density per calorie. This will help provide the feeling of being full, which keeps you from binge eating and adding unneeded extra calories.


How best to use Supplements in your diet is best to follow a company that easily crafted their products to suit your needs. The Herbalife Supplements are on the top of the list when investigating what’s best. After the Herbalife core products, each category has a breakdown to specific needs to help customers reach their goals.

Use these Dieting and Nutrition Principles as a center point in your research to good health, weight and fitness. Your due diligence should surround each topic above and you’ll be sure to find the perfect diet to suit your specific taste and needs. When conducting your research, be sure to know about the easy button. Which are the products from Herbalife. They have all quality ingredients in easy to use shakes and supplements that fit into any lifestyles. Drink a shake, eat a chocolate bar and take a supplement with very colorful meals. Visit HerbalZilla today for more information.

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